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Review: V. Rose – Hearts Up

V. RoseIt’s an unfortunate truth but the Christian world oftentimes seems like it’s been playing musical catch-up. Whether it was the push into grunge and alternative or the more recent flow into urban and hip-hop jams, we have largely been following the cultural crowd in an attempt to stay in touch with the times rather than blazing new trails. However, there seems to be a growing trend among many of the rising new artists like Hollyn and V. Rose that seems to buck that trend, finding these artists deliver high energy, relevant, and on-par performances that are bound to connect with young audiences across the board. And on her Inpop debut, Hearts Up, that’s just what V. Rose does.

Review: Sada K. – Long Story Short

SadaKOne of the underlying foundations of the Christian music world is that we’ve got a Hope in spite of whatever circumstances come our way. And while some are fortunate enough to sing of that Hope without ever truly having had to lean on it in a “big” way, others like Sada K. have been through the crucible of fire and have come out on the other end stronger and empowered. It’s that experience that colors in the lines of the artist’s solo debut, Long Story Short.

Review: Mat Kearney – Just Kids

MatKearneyAfter a nearly four year absence, multifaceted artist Mat Kearney is back with his latest record, Just Kids. Drawing from a deeply personal well, the album finds Kearney continuing his self-described “schizophrenic” ways musically as he blends elements of pop, hip hop, and rock into a rich gumbo of sound that is ultimately satisfying.

Interview: Mat Kearney

MatKearneyIt’s been nearly four years since Mat Kearney has released new music but with the release of his new record, Just Kids, he is right back at it, blending hip-hop, pop, and rock into his signature blend. Our special contributor, Christina Garvin (Sundari PR), recently sat down with Kearney to discuss his life, the new album, and what fans can expect from his upcoming tour.

David Phelps Declares “Freedom” With New Album

DavidPhelpsGRAMMY®-nominated, classically trained tenor David Phelps showcases his award-winning voice and three-octave range on his all-new recording, Freedom (Gaither Music Group).  Produced by Phelps and mentor/friend/gospel music legend Bill Gaither, the new release, scheduled to hit the streets on April 14th, underscores Phelps’ ability to bring music to life.

Review: Brandon Heath – No Turning Back

Brandon HeathWhile some listeners have argued that Christian music’s tone and lyrics have been wandering toward the ambiguous, with worship songs toeing the fine line between declaring the love for a Savior or a woman, Brandon Heath’s latest record, No Turning Back, is a resolute declaration of faith that combines the best of both worlds.

Jimmy Needham Set to Release New Album This May

JimmyNeedhamFollowing his highly acclaimed 2012 release Clear the Stage, Platinum Pop President Dale Bray announces that Jimmy Needham will be releasing his first studio album for the company on May 5, 2015.

TobyMac Kicks 2015 Off with Another Gold Record Certification

TobyMacTobyMac is laying the foundations to make 2015 one of the biggest years of his career. His brand new studio single “Beyond Me” received 80 adds combined across Christian AC-Monitored, AC-Indicator and Hot AC last week, and his GRAMMY® Award winning album EYE ON IT also received RIAA Gold Certification. During a staff presentation at Capitol Christian Music Group (CCMG), President & CEO Bill Hearn also recognized that this honor represents a first for an artist in CCMG history, with each one of TobyMac’s five studio solo projects achieving Gold certification.