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Interview: Everfound

EverfoundSince releasing their self-titled major label debut in 2013, sibling trio Everfound have been a band moving at a steep trajectory. They’ve risen to the challenge, continuing to write and create and have most recently released the Resolution Christmas EP, boasting a collection of covers and originals that the band puts their signature spin on. Soul-Audio recently had the chance to chat with lead singer Nikita Odnoralov about the band’s success and their latest recording, what Christmas means to them, and about their ideas regarding Christian persecution here in the West, a subject the Russian immigrant’s family is all too familiar with. We also get the scoop on when we might get music from the act so read on and enjoy!

Interview: KJ-52

KJ-52KJ-52 is one of the longest running hip-hop acts in Christian music and if his latest project, Mental, is any indication, he’s not slowing down any time soon. In this latest interview, Soul-Audio sits down with the artist discuss Mental, what it feels like to hear your song on “Monday Night Football,” and the changes within the industry, both good and bad.

Interview: The Martins, Part Two

TheMartinsInterviewIn Part Two of our interview with southern gospel family trio, The Martins, Soul-Audio explores the group’s choice of recording the renowned song, “The Prayer” and digs into their recent history and the renewed sense of energy and mission radiating from them.