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Review: Michael English – Live At Daywind Studios

MichaelEnglishIt’s interesting that despite the long duration of his career, with all it’s admitted ups and downs, that Michael English has never recorded a live album or video. Granted, as English jokes, he’s done something like “400 videos with Bill Gaither,” he’s never had the opportunity to do so as a solo artist. But now, with the invitation of Daywind Studios, English is finally adding that notch to his belt and for fans it’s sure to be a welcome addition.

Review: Michael English – Worship

MichaelEnglishMichael English may be a little behind the curve with his latest record, Worship, having missed the earlier bandwagon that nearly every artist jumped on over the past decade or so. But that tardiness doesn’t negate English’s efforts and perhaps may help it out a little, recognizing this as something more than a “follow the crowd” attempt and more a true look into this veteran artist’s heart. And as English’s passionate, soulful vocals show, these are songs that are sung straight from his heart.

Review: Amber Nelon Thompson – Just Sing

AmberNelonThompsonThe beauty of the southern gospel genre and its family-based nature is that listeners always know that there’s great new talent on the way as these families children grow and oftentimes join the family business. Amber Nelon Thompson is one of the latest to take this path after making a name for herself as part of the legendary Nelons, taking this step of faith solo. And what listeners will find on that debut, Just Sing, is one of the most exciting female voices to come along in southern gospel for some time.

Review: Jeff & Sheri Easter – Small Town: Celebrating 30 Years of Music & Marriage

JeffandSheriEasterIt’s often said that life in a band bears many parallels to being in a marriage. Traveling together, spending time together, and dealing with the little ins and outs of life are all a part of the behind the scenes musical journey. And it’s those same elements that have led to the demise of many a group, leading to many a divorce of musical minds. That challenge has to be that much more real when you’re traveling and working with your spouse but as Jeff and Sheri Easter have shown, a life lived in faithfulness and trust can result in great things. The Easters celebrate this commitment on their latest album, Small Town: Celebrating 30 Years of Music and Marriage, giving honor to the blessed life they’ve led together.

Review: Gaither Vocal Band – Hymns

GaitherVocalBand2Five years ago something very special occurred within the Gaither Vocal Band. Faced with two openings due to the departure of Guy Penrod and Marshall Hall, Bill Gaither brought in a bit of nostalgia as he reunited former members Michael English, David Phelps, and Mark Lowry once more under the Gaither Vocal Band moniker. With Gaither and remaining tenor Wes Hampton staying on, this was a quintet bound to have some fun.

Review: Michael English – Some People Change

Michael English - Some People ChangeFor the past several years, the music of Michael English has seemed to reflect a man trying to reestablish his identity. It’s not that the music hasn’t been good, because it has, but its oftentimes felt like English had lost confidence in who he was musically. Slick pop-flavored adult contemporary sounds dominated while lyrics of repentance and healing prevailed, giving insight into the artist’s well-documented ups and down but, while English continued to deliver, it just didn’t feel like he wore those sounds as comfortably as before.

Now, with the release of Some People Change, comments like those can be laid to rest as English finally sounds at home in his voice once again.