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Tomlin’s Worship and Unity Event Draws Thousands Across America

christomlinChris Tomlin’s Worship Night In America was a powerful example of unity in our country, as the most diverse assembly of people — from every race, age, socio-economic status, background, and region — came together Tuesday night to pray for America. The one night event hit venues all across the US, from big cities to small towns, as people packed more than 450 theaters and churches to worship and pray alongside other believers.

Review: Chris Tomlin – Never Lose Sight (Deluxe Edition)

christomlinThere are some artists who just seem to have the Midas touch, who seem to be able to do no wrong nor take a false step. Chris Tomlin is just such an artist, crafting hit after hit after hit for years now and just when you think the well might be dried up, he emerges with yet another strong collection of vertically charged songs for the Church in Never Lose Sight. Packed with Tomlin’s signature worship style, these songs continue the artist’s focus on the hope and joy found in Christ.

Chris Tomlin Challenges Listeners to “Never Lose Sight” on Oct. 21

christomlinGRAMMY® winner Chris Tomlin is preparing to unveil his eleventh studio album, NEVER LOSE SIGHT, available everywhere October 21.

Review: Jesus Culture – Let It Echo

JesusCultureFor the past several years, the music and brand of Jesus Culture has fought an uphill battle as the new kids on the block, trying to find their niche in a worship culture saturated with outfits like Hillsong, Passion, and the ever-evolving Integrity Music branch. Yet, through the nurture of worship leaders and songwriters like Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, and more and a constant focus on raising the name of Jesus high, Jesus Culture has proven that they are here to stay. Their latest effort, the twelve-song Let It Echo, builds on that strong foundation and shows a growing maturity in the collective.

Jesus Culture Releases “Let It Echo” Today

JesusCultureJesus Culture’s new live album – Let It Echo – is available today. This is the first album recorded live at their church in Sacramento, CA. This is the group’s ninth live album and first Jesus Culture release with their partnership with Captiol Christian Music Group.

Jesus Culture Unveils “Let It Echo” on January 15th

JesusCultureCapitol Christian Music Group (CCMG) and Jesus Culture Music announce the new album and ninth live recording from Jesus Culture releasing on January 15, 2016. Jesus Culture revealed the album title and artwork earlier today to their fans via social media. The album title – Let It Echo – captures the heart of the community of the one-year-old church in Sacramento, CA seeking Jesus with a desire to know Him more and to see this passion spread from cities to nations.

Review: John Mark McMillan – Live At The Knight

JohnMarkMcMillanLive albums can be a bit of a slippery slope. While some artists manage to nail it in the studio, live albums face the possibility of showing their weaknesses, the multiple takes, vocal layering, and world of AutoTune left behind while they lay it all on the line before a live crowd. Yet, even with those risks, nothing quite matches the energy of a live performance, capturing the energy and passion that only a concert being enjoyed and participated in by hundreds of people can bring. And on John Mark McMillan’s Live At The Knight, he mines that energy for all its worth and delivers one of the better live releases to come along in a while.

Review: Chris McClarney – Everything and Nothing Less

ChrisMcClarneyThere’s a sense of expectancy that leads off Chris McClarney’s latest recording that really sets the tone for the whole album. Rather than following the usual pattern of delivering a big opening call to worship, McClarney launches straight into that worship with the declaration of “Holy Moment,” faithfully claiming this time and this moment to be sacred and set apart for none other than the God to whom he sings. It’s that humble, faith-filled element that sets McClarney’s apart from many.

Kim Walker-Smith’s “When Christmas Comes” Releases Today to Acclaim

KimWalkerSmithJesus Culture Band’s Kim Walker-Smith releases globally her first Christmas album, When Christmas Comes, today from Jesus Culture Music. The album nostalgically peers into Walker-Smith’s Christmastime with her 17 favorites of all newly-recorded classics and sacred carols, plus one new song, “Tell Me the Story,” written by Anthony Skinner. From cinematic, grand orchestral backdrops to plaintive folk-acoustic stylings and an occasional bluesy flair, all the tracks on the new album feature Kim’s powerful, soulful voice.

Review: Kim Walker-Smith – When Christmas Comes

KimWalkerSmithKim Walker-Smith has spent the past several years helping to lead thousands of worshippers across the globe into places of worship, her signature intensity and vocal prowess entrancing listeners from all walks of life. Whether blasting out bold proclamations of praise alongside her Jesus Culture companions or offering up more mellow folk and Americana tinged songs with her husband, Skylar, Walker-Smith is entrancing. Thus, it’s no real surprise when the same enchantment befalls her latest offering, When Christmas Comes.