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Review: Gaither Vocal Band – Christmas Collection

GaitherVocalBandIt’s interesting that in the Gaither Vocal Band’s many years of existence, they’ve only recorded two Christmas records up until now, making it three with the release of Christmas Collection. And while this record is really a blend of previously recorded tracks alongside six new tracks featuring the current group’s lineup, it still plays like a great listen, something the GVB is famous for.

Gaither Vocal Band’s “Christmas Collection” Rings in the Holidays at #1

GaitherVocalBandThe GRAMMY® Award-winning Gaither Vocal Band has just released a special Christmas Collection (Gaither Music Group) recording, which debuted at No. 1 on the Southern Gospel chart according to Nielsen Soundscan.

Review: David Phelps – Freedom DVD

DavidPhelpsAt this point in his career, there are few accolades left that haven’t been given to uber-vocalist David Phelps. His stellar range, powerful delivery, and intuitive musical creativity, combined with a heart that is intent on bringing praise to the Creator, have entranced fans across the globe and made him one of Christian music’s most exciting voices. Following closely upon the heels of his release Freedom comes the live DVD recording by the same name and once again captures the stunningly talented artist doing what he does best in a beautiful setting on his family’s farm. It’s the next best thing to seeing him in concert.

David Phelps Releases New Live DVD, “Freedom”

DavidPhelpsGRAMMY®-nominated, classically-trained tenor David Phelps has just released an all-new DVD entitled Freedom (Gaither Music Group) featuring the songs from his latest recording, Freedom.

David Phelps’ Latest Tops Sales Charts

DavidPhelpsGRAMMY®-nominated, classically trained tenor David Phelps topped the sales charts this week with his all-new recording, Freedom (Gaither Music Group)

Review: David Phelps – Freedom

DavidPhelps-FreedomWhen most think of David Phelps, they think immediately of his amazing voice. His stunning multiple-octave range and powerful delivery have led to tons of album sales and a near guarantee of a standing ovation when he comes to the stage. And while those vocals delight, what often gets lost in the mix is Phelps’ stellar understanding of the music itself and his unique ear for drawing in diverse genres and sounds. On his latest effort, Freedom, the artist manages to highlight both of those key elements, resulting in a stirring listen.

Review: Gaither Vocal Band – Happy Rhythm DVD

GaitherVocalBandFollowing hard after the great music found on the Gaither Vocal Band’s live concert DVD, Sometimes It Takes a Mountain, is Happy Rhythm. Filmed on the same night and serving as perhaps the second part of the whole concert experience, the DVD is another powerhouse of great music and heartwarming moments that new and old listeners alike will love.

Review: Gaither Vocal Band – Sometimes It Takes a Mountain DVD

GaitherVocalBandBill Gaither has a gift of finding some of the best untapped talent around and, for those who’ve yet to experience his latest incarnation of the Gaither Vocal Band, the release of Sometimes It Takes a Mountain is the perfect introduction to these great voices and personalities. Granted, the album by the same name boasts several of these songs but as is often the case, the live performance delivers that something extra that really makes these songs come to life, resulting in a truly powerful experience.

David Phelps Declares “Freedom” With New Album

DavidPhelpsGRAMMY®-nominated, classically trained tenor David Phelps showcases his award-winning voice and three-octave range on his all-new recording, Freedom (Gaither Music Group).  Produced by Phelps and mentor/friend/gospel music legend Bill Gaither, the new release, scheduled to hit the streets on April 14th, underscores Phelps’ ability to bring music to life.

Concert Review: Gaither Vocal Band Homecoming Tour, Tampa, FL

Photo Credit: Gaither.com

Photo Credit: Gaither.com

I didn’t go to church on Sunday but, quite frankly, I wasn’t feeling too guilty about it. For, the night before, I’d spent a most powerful four hours at church worshipping amongst a crowd of thousands, led by one of Christian music’s most notable heavyweights, none other than Bill Gaither at the sold out Gaither Vocal Band Homecoming Tour in Tampa, FL. Featuring the Vocal Band, The Isaacs, The Nelons, Gene McDonald, Charlotte Ritchie, and a guest appearance from Gordon Mote, it was a night that those in attendance are bound to remember for a long, long time.