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Review: Rend Collective – Campfire II: Simplicity

rendcollectiveA few years ago Rend Collective launched their Campfire series of albums, tackling a series of originals and covers in a raw acoustic atmosphere and it was awesome. A year or so later they applied the same treatment to Christmas favorites and it too was great. Now, with the release of Campfire II: Simplicity, the band is back at it again and the results are predictably great, leaving one wondering why the Collective would even bother with conventional studio recording again.

Review: Rend Collective – Campfire Christmas Volume 1

Rend CollectiveEarlier this year, Rend Collective released The Art of Celebration, a record that captured the band’s newfound understanding that “seriousness is not a fruit of the Spirit, but joy is.” And with Campfire Christmas, the band continues to really around that banner, bringing a reinvigorated sense of that joy into the holiday season through a collection of eleven classic and original tracks that capture the exuberance of Christmas.

Review: Martin Smith – Back to the Start

MartinSmithFor the past twenty years the name Martin Smith has been synonymous with the rise of modern worship music, fusing accessible and relevant melodies together with soaring, vertical lyrics, literally uniting listeners across the globe in worship. As the front man for Delirious?, Smith helped to bring hits like “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever,” “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?,” and many more to bear, bringing the world of worship into the present day.