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Review: Disciple – Long Live the Rebels

discipleLongtime rockers Disciple have always been something of a rebel band. From releasing music on their own independent label to suffering through not one but two reiterations, the Kevin Young-fronted outfit has kept their head high while swimming against the stream of life, consistently delivering high octane music designed to melt your face while bringing glory to Christ. And on their latest outing, this self-proclaimed “Disciple 3.0” is out to declare, Long Live the Rebels.

Review: Tenth Avenue North – Followers

tenthavenorthIn a world that would focus on having us climb the ladder, seeking to lead and to be at the top of the food chain, it’s an arresting development to consider the idea of choosing to be a follower, of laying down our desires and drive and allowing someone else to run the show. But a careful examination of our faith reminds us that, to some degree or another, that’s exactly what we’re called to do and that’s the theme that hitmakers Tenth Avenue have set out to explore on their excellent fifth album, Followers.

Review: Rend Collective – Campfire II: Simplicity

rendcollectiveA few years ago Rend Collective launched their Campfire series of albums, tackling a series of originals and covers in a raw acoustic atmosphere and it was awesome. A year or so later they applied the same treatment to Christmas favorites and it too was great. Now, with the release of Campfire II: Simplicity, the band is back at it again and the results are predictably great, leaving one wondering why the Collective would even bother with conventional studio recording again.

Review: Loretta Lynn – White Christmas Blue

lorettalynnCountry music and the Christmas holidays go together like a warm cup of hot chocolate on a snowy evening. And even better if that combination includes another classic in the form of the legendary voice and artistry of Loretta Lynn as is found on only the artist’s second career holiday recording, White Christmas Blue. With a stellar cast of studio musicians and a set list of Christmas favorites alongside some Lynn originals, this is a warmhearted record tailor made for a trip over the river and through the woods on the way to Grandma’s house.

Review: Triumphant – He Is Christmas

triumphantFor those who like their Christmas holidays sprinkled with a healthy dose of southern charm, look no further than the latest release, He Is Christmas, from Triumphant. And while this celebrated quartet delivers plenty of classic southern gospel harmonies and stellar vocals, they’re not without a few surprises up their sleeve, keeping listeners pleasantly wondering what’s behind the next batch of pretty wrapping.

Review: Selah – Rose of Bethlehem Deluxe Edition

selahNormally I hate “deluxe editions” of albums as they oftentimes feel contrived to get you to shell out money for the same album you already have, save for a B-side or two. But, when such a product features some solid extras, it’s a little easier to justify. Thus, if you missed out on Selah’s excellent Christmas record, Rose of Bethlehem, you’re in luck as the group is now releasing it as a “Deluxe Edition” featuring five new tracks.

Review: Planetshakers Band – Overflow

planetshakersRecorded live earlier this year at their annual spring conference in Melbourne, Australia, the Planetshakers Band returns with Overflow, a fifteen track album aimed at the praise and worship crowd. With main man Joth Hunt leading the charge, the album provides high energy jams alongside quieter moments of reflection. Sure, that’s the formula for most worship projects these days but Planetshakers delivers their brand of worship with a healthy dose of funk, which truly sets them apart.

Review: Jonathan David & Melissa Helser – Beautiful Surrender

jonathandavidmelissahelserSurrender is typically seen as a negative within the thinking of our world, the term indicating the defeat of one against another, evoking thoughts of failure and more. Yet, within the Christian faith, surrender is seen in a wholly different light, one of positive encouragement as believers are challenged to lay down not only their burdens but their lives before the conquering Christ. Of course, the beautiful caveat is that in losing our lives we are bound to find them and it’s this truth which provides the heartbeat of Bethel Music’s latest act, Jonathan David and Melissa Helser, and their debut for the label, Beautiful Surrender.

Review: The Neverclaim – Encounter: A Live Worship Experience

neverclaimFrom the first swelling refrains of The Neverclaim’s Encounter: A Live Worship Experience, one is reminded of a youth camp worship experience, with full-bodied songs that burst with energy and excitement, framed by vertical lyrics sung with passion and earnest fervor. It’s the type of musical experience one associates with unbridled enthusiasm and belief and that’s just the case with this latest from the pop/rock outfit.

Review: Tanya Godsey – Love Lines The Last Horizon

tanyagodseyWhen fear, frustration, and darkness threaten to derail us and the beliefs that we’ve held so closely, it’s easy to lose focus and gradually wander away from, and even forget what our focus should be. Fear, light, and darkness are among the topics explored in detail throughout Tanya Godsey’s third and latest independent release titled Love Lines The Last Horizon.