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Concert Review: Passion – Take It All Tour

PassionIf you’ve never been to a Passion event, there’s one thing that you need to know. It’s like nothing you’ve ever been to before.

Concert Review: The Neon Steeple Tour with Crowder, All Sons & Daughters, and Capital Kings

CrowderWideRevisedLights, lasers, and foot stompin’ front porch singing.

When “The Neon Steeple Tour” rolled into Fort Myers, FL, on October 18, headed for MacGregor Baptist Church, it brought all of that and a whole lot more.

Interview: The Martins, Part Two

TheMartinsInterviewIn Part Two of our interview with southern gospel family trio, The Martins, Soul-Audio explores the group’s choice of recording the renowned song, “The Prayer” and digs into their recent history and the renewed sense of energy and mission radiating from them.

Interview: The Martins

TheMartinsJust a few weeks ago, Soul-Audio had the opportunity to sit down with sibling trio The Martins on the release date of their latest album, A Cappella.

Review: Captain America – The Winter Soldier

CaptainAmericaCaptain America: The First Avenger, while standing as a solid and relatively faithful entry into the Marvel universe for Steve Rogers, was, in many ways, one of the lesser films to emerge from the Marvel Universe at that time, failing to match the energy and pizzazz of films like Iron Man, Thor, or The Incredible Hulk. His was a faithful origin story but lacked the proverbial and, in some cases, literal punch of his more flashy counterparts. Yet, with the release of The Avengers, Cap got a little more confident, battling alien bad guys alongside demi-gods, radioactive freaks, and marvels of modern science with the best of him, slowly coming to grips with the new millennium.

Now, with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Captain is back and this time he’s helming a movie that honors his legacy, his heroic nature in full display as he sets out to save the world once again.

Concert Review: The Gaither Vocal Band

GaitherVocalBand2Over the years, the Gaither Vocal Band has undergone several personnel changes but, through it all, they’ve managed to continually come up with a dynamic sound. And as they headed into Exciting Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, Florida, on February 8, 2014, Bill Gaither and company were set to keep that streak running, even as their lineup was shifting once again with the departure of Michael English and Mark Lowry at the end of 2013.

Concert Review: Jason Crabb with Sandi Patty, Gold City, and The Nelons

Jason CrabbIt was an unconventional Jason Crabb show but, to be honest, this reviewer was just excited to be seeing the multiple award winning artist. Crabb was part of a local southern gospel music convention, Bill Bailey’s Winter Gospel Convention, held in Bradenton, FL on February 4, and was set to headline the night alongside CCM legend Sandi Patty and southern gospel standards GoldCity and The Nelons.

Interview: Future of Forestry

Future of ForestryFuture of Forestry, aka Eric Owyoung and his revolving cast of musical friends, is easily one of the most exciting and inventive acts in the industry. Working through concept EP’s like the Travel series and more, Owyoung has shown remarkable creativity and artistic progression, always pressing forward with his sound. That movement continues on the band’s latest, the Advent Christmas EP, Vol. 3, as Owyoung continues to bring his signature spin to some holiday classics, reworking them into arts that are truly all his own. Soul-Audio recently had the chance to catch up with Owyoung and discuss the challenges of creating a Christmas record, the ups and downs of being a “solo” performer, and what his Christmas holiday looks like this year.

Concert Review: The Digital Age with Bellarive

The Digital Age ConcertIt was a balmy night in Southwest Florida as the crowd arrived at Calvary Chapel on November 8, 2013, for what was set to be The Digital Age’s penultimate show on their Evening:Morning tour. Smiles were all around as the eclectic crowd mingled into the church’s spacious High School room, teens and twentysomethings mingling with parents and grandparents, showing a great sense of diversity. Early arrivers were treated to a series of The Digital Age’s playful YouTube videos while the room continued to fill. In such an intimate space, it provided a sense of warmth but it still seemed somewhat criminal that the crowd wasn’t larger to witness these fine musicians play their hearts out.

And We’re Back…

“If the calling we believe in is to be salt and light, then that should be loud and clear in the artistry Christians produce. We believe that should be the same for a media outlet as well.

Introducing Soul-Audio: where excellent design meets intelligent content in a format intended to draw an audience and keep it with the same pursuit of quality we expect from the artists and musicians we cover.”

Several years ago, those words launched the concept and set the standard that we here at Soul-Audio determined to hold ourselves to, as well as the music we loved.