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Interview: Stryper

stryper2This year marks the 30th anniversary of Stryper’s To Hell with the Devil, the now-legendary metal album that was a shot to the arm of a young but growing Christian music industry. In celebration of this turning point of their careers, and the lasting impact felt by the record, Stryper have taken to the road again, this time presenting the entire album in its recording order, and featuring the original line-up of the band in their iconic yellow and black uniforms.

Interview: Mat Kearney

MatKearneyIt’s been nearly four years since Mat Kearney has released new music but with the release of his new record, Just Kids, he is right back at it, blending hip-hop, pop, and rock into his signature blend. Our special contributor, Christina Garvin (Sundari PR), recently sat down with Kearney to discuss his life, the new album, and what fans can expect from his upcoming tour.

Concert Review: Gaither Vocal Band Homecoming Tour, Tampa, FL

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I didn’t go to church on Sunday but, quite frankly, I wasn’t feeling too guilty about it. For, the night before, I’d spent a most powerful four hours at church worshipping amongst a crowd of thousands, led by one of Christian music’s most notable heavyweights, none other than Bill Gaither at the sold out Gaither Vocal Band Homecoming Tour in Tampa, FL. Featuring the Vocal Band, The Isaacs, The Nelons, Gene McDonald, Charlotte Ritchie, and a guest appearance from Gordon Mote, it was a night that those in attendance are bound to remember for a long, long time.

Interview: Everfound

EverfoundSince releasing their self-titled major label debut in 2013, sibling trio Everfound have been a band moving at a steep trajectory. They’ve risen to the challenge, continuing to write and create and have most recently released the Resolution Christmas EP, boasting a collection of covers and originals that the band puts their signature spin on. Soul-Audio recently had the chance to chat with lead singer Nikita Odnoralov about the band’s success and their latest recording, what Christmas means to them, and about their ideas regarding Christian persecution here in the West, a subject the Russian immigrant’s family is all too familiar with. We also get the scoop on when we might get music from the act so read on and enjoy!

A Conversation with Mark Lowry and Jason Crabb, Pt. 2

MarkJasonCover2In Part 2 of our conversation with southern gospel greats Mark Lowry and Jason Crabb, the artists offer up their thoughts on how they balance such a loaded tour and sharing the stage with a heart for God’s leading, the challenges of performing and worshipping with a fresh spirit every night, and we get the scoop on new projects in the works from both artists. So sit back, join us as a fly on the wall, and listen in!

A Conversation with Mark Lowry and Jason Crabb, Pt. 1

MarkandJasonCoverMark Lowry and Jason Crabb are two of the most well-known artists working in Christian music today. Lowry has long been known for his stand up comedy and his role singing for years with the Gaither Vocal Band and Crabb has wowed audiences since his teenage years singing with The Crabb Family to more recent days as he’s stepped out solo. And when the two rolled into Soul-Audio’s hometown for a tour stop on “The Music and Madness Tour,” we were fortunate enough to sit down with these two and to be a fly on the wall as they shared a conversation about the tour and life on the road, the passing of Mark’s mother, the dangers of hero worship, and much, much more. So sit back and dig into this great conversation with these two wonderful artists.

Concert Review: “Death Be Not Proud Tour” featuring Audrey Assad and Bellarive

DeathThere are some nights that every faithful concert goer has experienced that just leave them scratching their heads. And ironically, it’s not the performers to blame for this puzzlement but rather the lacking crowd that was set to miss one of the better shows to come through the area in some time. Such it was on November 13 as the “Death Be Not Proud” tour, featuring Audrey Assad and Bellarive swept into Tampa’s Mary Help of Christians. And while the crowd of just under 500 attendees may have felt small, Assad and Bellarive played the show like they were performing for thousands, making it a memorable night for all.

Interview: KJ-52

KJ-52KJ-52 is one of the longest running hip-hop acts in Christian music and if his latest project, Mental, is any indication, he’s not slowing down any time soon. In this latest interview, Soul-Audio sits down with the artist discuss Mental, what it feels like to hear your song on “Monday Night Football,” and the changes within the industry, both good and bad.

Concert Review: The Music & Madness Tour Featuring Mark Lowry, The Martins, and Jason Crabb

MusicMadness2There are some concerts that feel just like that, like a concert. The performances are practiced and flawless, the performers all on their game and nailing every note. But even with that sense of near perfection, you leave having heard great performances but lacking a sense of connection.

Then there are shows like The Music & Madness Tour, featuring southern gospel mainstays Mark Lowry, The Martins, and Jason Crabb, which rolled into Sarasota, FL on November 7 to play for a nearly full house. Here fans were treated to great performances all around but, even more so, they got a deeper connection, both through the music and through the performers. 

Interview: Tenth Avenue North

TenthAveJust before the release of their latest full-length project, Cathedrals, Soul-Audio had a chance to sit down and talk with Tenth Avenue North’s lead singer, Mike Donehey. In this interview, Donehey shares about the band’s transition in producers, their renewed vision of songwriting, and the album’s powerful themes of community, accountability, and seeing the sacred in all of life.