Review: Chris Tomlin – Never Lose Sight (Deluxe Edition)

christomlinThere are some artists who just seem to have the Midas touch, who seem to be able to do no wrong nor take a false step. Chris Tomlin is just such an artist, crafting hit after hit after hit for years now and just when you think the well might be dried up, he emerges with yet another strong collection of vertically charged songs for the Church in Never Lose Sight. Packed with Tomlin’s signature worship style, these songs continue the artist’s focus on the hope and joy found in Christ.

That style of Tomlin’s is really what continues to set him aside from his contemporaries. While his music shows growth, the foundation is still the same, focusing on delivering songs that are stripped down to their core essence. And in a world where we’re inundated with information, words, and images 24/7, this approach comes across as rather refreshing and allows listeners to truly hone in and worship.

The album leads off in strong style with the 2016 Dove Award-winning song of the year, “Good Good Father,” which, if you’ve listened to any CCM radio in the past several months, you’ve heard more than a few times, with good reason. Radio fans will also recognize “Jesus,” the album’s second radio single which pours out bright praise as it celebrates the person of Christ with powerful lyrics like “He roars like a lion/He bled as the Lamb/He carries my healing in His hands/Jesus.”

Fellow artist Danny Gokey lends his vocal talents to “Impossible Things,” his rich vocals a welcome addition here and harmonizing great with Tomlin’s tones. Other collaborations that Tomlin features here are the beautifully rendered “First Love,” with guest vocals from Kim Walker-Smith, her stunning voice on point as always, as well as the slowly building worshipper, “Kyrie Eleison,” which showcases Matt Maher, Matt Redman, and Jason Ingram.

Bold percussion colors in the lines of Tomlin’s thoughts of heaven on “Home” while the soaring strings of “God of Calvary” are appropriately followed by the celebrations of “He Lives” and it’s lyric of praise and surrender. Some bright tones inform the energetic “Glory Be” as Tomlin puts his spin on an old hymn with “Come Thou Fount (I Will Sing),” his added chorus lending the track an added depth of emotion.

Passion fans will recognize the familiar strains of “God and God Alone,” a definite highlight and a track perfect for corporate worship while “Yes and Amen” features a smooth guitar line along lyrics that point to God’s unending faithfulness. God’s supremacy in all things is declared throughout the rousing arrangement of “All Yours” as “The God I Know” ripples with more radio ready energy, the lyric breathing with lived-in confidence and faith in Christ.

And that’s ultimately what makes the music of Chris Tomlin, and that found here on Never Lose Sight, so successful. These songs read not as just songs or even creative expressions but as honest prayers and declarations from someone who is living the life, who is seeking after God passionately and with abandon. The by-product of that journey is this growing collection of songs, songs that highlight the attributes of God through accessible lyrics and engaging arrangements that will continue to be sung worldwide with the sole purpose of glorifying the God of heaven and earth.

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