Review: Tanya Godsey – Love Lines The Last Horizon

tanyagodseyWhen fear, frustration, and darkness threaten to derail us and the beliefs that we’ve held so closely, it’s easy to lose focus and gradually wander away from, and even forget what our focus should be. Fear, light, and darkness are among the topics explored in detail throughout Tanya Godsey’s third and latest independent release titled Love Lines The Last Horizon.

“Wild Love” speaks of the unrelenting love of Christ despite the darkness or light, pointing to the truth that His love isn’t dependent on our circumstances; He just loves us. It’s a strong reminder that serves as a great introduction to this album.

You circle the world, one sweeping sight

You gaze on the guilty and the justified

And still You breathe and still you breathe in every soul

Wild love running free in our Father’s World.

From a musicality perspective, this is a gorgeous song that ebbs and flows around deep, droning piano pads and vocals with some very powerful moments. The contrast between electronic and acoustic instrumentation sets a tone that continues throughout the entire album. It’s a testament and calling card of Tanya’s “dream producer”, Ben Shive (Rend Collective, Jeremy Camp, Andrew Peterson), who has immediately recognized her strengths and showcases them (as any good producer does). It’s worth noting the importance Ben has placed on vocals and Tanya’s piano chops. They are front and center, allowing listeners to fully engage in their meaning and depth, but also giving the project a wholly organic feel.

“Watchmen” was born out of Tanya’s journey with her husband through his depression and anxiety. The song paints an incredible picture and poses the compelling question, when we experience darkness in our lives are we more focused on finding a solution when we should be seeking the Source? Psalm 130:6 is the inspiration behind this song and provides the answer to the query with the lyric, “I wait for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning.” It doesn’t say to look for signs or evidence; it says, “I wait for the Lord.”

“We Are Your Song” is a bouncy and celebratory anthem that came to Tanya as an answer to prayer after her realization that she had lost her focus. The busyness of adulthood and life had crept in and she could no longer hear the music.

“’We Are Your Song’ was born as the most anthemic and celebratory answer to prayer I’ve ever received and the first of many songs I would hear in a new season of listening,” she shares.

“The Same Sun” explores what happens when life derails and we’re left in a tailspin. After our world comes crashing down and the dust settles, we can find comfort in the fact that God is sovereign. Tanya delivers the vocals in her warm, rich signature alto against a backwash of guitar, piano and syncopated synth-strings.

The same sun keeps burning on

And the same sun keeps burning on

And the same sun keeps burning on

And the same sun will lead us home

There’s a lot to love about this album; it doesn’t rely on a lot of overly stylized vocals and walks a great balance stylistically. There’s definitely a radio-friendly undertone to the majority of songs on this album and it’s safe to say that Christian radio will be featuring a lot more of this great songwriter.

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