Review: Planetshakers Band – Overflow

planetshakersRecorded live earlier this year at their annual spring conference in Melbourne, Australia, the Planetshakers Band returns with Overflow, a fifteen track album aimed at the praise and worship crowd. With main man Joth Hunt leading the charge, the album provides high energy jams alongside quieter moments of reflection. Sure, that’s the formula for most worship projects these days but Planetshakers delivers their brand of worship with a healthy dose of funk, which truly sets them apart.

“Funk,” you say?

Funk, for sure. Consider the chunky bass plucks of opening track “Come Right Now” or the rich gospel bass and horns delivery of “Gotta Give Him Glory” and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s a sound that very few acts, outside of more traditional gospel acts are pulling off, and Planetshakers incorporates it into their set with practiced ease, to the delight of listeners.

Another key element the band makes strong use of to deliver its high energy songs are a plethora of EDM beats and progressions. Not unlike the youthful vibes of Young & Free, Planetshakers mines the electronic dance genre for its best beats and infuses it into tracks like “Here Comes the Revival (feat. boom),” “Overflow,” which is a dance party just waiting to happen, and “Give My All,” which is big, brash, and bold, all in good ways. Fans looking for something more melodic, so to speak, need look no further than songs like “River” or the keyboard-driven “I’m Free.”

What really takes up a good portion of this record though are a series of soaring yet subdued worship ballads which contrast solidly with the roaring energy of the aforementioned tracks. A tender vocal colors in the lines of “I Know Who You Are,” slowly building to a powerful statement of confidence in Christ while “Sings My Soul” is perfectly corporate, really making use of the live audience. “Precious To Me” is pretty standard fare as “Face to Face” showcases some killer guitar work that accents the slowly building arrangement before being followed up by the stark simple beauty of “Join With the Angels.”

The Planetshakers Band doesn’t set out to recreate the wheel on Overflow; rather, they play to their strengths and deliver a set of praise and worship tunes that draw from who they are. The beauty of that method comes in the band’s diversity and is reflected in their music, infusing it with an extra dose of life throughout.

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