Nights Like This Blends Worship with EDM to Strong Acclaim

NightsLikeThisEDM duo Nights Like This released its debut remix this month to critical acclaim. The track, a cover of Kristene DiMarco’s “Be Still”, received over 11,000 plays on Soundcloud in just fifteen days, and more critically received the praise of the Christian EDM community. Following this success, Nights Like This released their latest track, “Wide Awake” November 13.  In it’s first week alone the track has earned over 13,000 plays as well as support from major DJs across America.

Nights Like This, the brainchild of Rochester, NY DJ’s/Producer’s Ian MacLean and Petey Mac, have been honing their unique sound in a wide variety of venues from massive church youth group events to Rochester area clubs. Sharing their first remix, and now their first original, with a broader audience through Soundcloud has allowed them to capture the attention of EDM aficionados across the country. The faith-based duo has received positive reviews in renowned EDM blogs such as “GoodMusicAllDay”, “Dancing Astronaut” and “YourEDM”.  “YourEDM” noted that “Wide Awake …brings up memories of the blissful adventures we all sometimes go on into the early hours of the morning. Whether you were coming back from an amazing show, or simply enjoying good times with good friends, the multi-layered ethereal nature of this track will have your spine racing and your mind tingling.” Bloggers have also observed that the music shared some similarity with notable EDM artists Otto Knows and Kaskade, while “maintaining an indieessence” within their music.

For more information about Nights Like This check out their Soundcloud at or their social media. For more information about upcoming dates or to book the band, contact them at

[Source: Nights Like This Official]

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