Review: Jared Anderson – Where I Am Right Now EP

JaredAndersonSinger/songwriter Jared Anderson has done just about everything during his career. Reluctantly stepping into the world of worship ministry and Christian music, the artist carved out a name for himself as a part of New Life Worship’s music ministry, lending his talents to the Desperation Band and more. Along the way, he’s crafted plenty of great songs such as “Rescue,” “Counting On God,” and “We Are Free,” among many others. Now, Anderson is ready to step out on his own for a solo venture, taking his talents to join up with the folks at Centricity Music and his debut EP, Where I Am Right Now, shows that he’s still got plenty to share.

While it’s only five songs, Anderson makes the most of that time and delivers a solid cross-section of music, sharing everything from arena worthy anthems, slick radio ready jams, and even a little acappella experimentation. It’s definitely something different from what listeners have come to expect from the artist and comes across as a breath of fresh air, both in their creativity and their authenticity.

The title track leads things off with a shiny production that is grounded in an honest lyric that shares from Anderson’s own journey, finding him in a dark situation but finding hope in the promise of God’s presence throughout. The beats are tight and the keyboards provide bright hits of energy, giving this EP a strong start. Those same bright tones inform “Overboard,” a track that rallies excitement around it with crunching guitar lines and a bold, jamming chorus that will get many a toe to tapping.

“Forgiven” is perhaps the most poignant of these tracks, the worship-filled song finding Anderson sing, “Jesus took all of my sin/And Heaven’s inviting me in,” resting in that heartfelt truth. The piano-driven tune is accented with some solid percussion and solid touches of guitar as well as some layered vocals that just give added emotion to the song before giving way to the familiar lyrics of “Almighty,” a song written by Anderson and adopted by CCM superstar Chris Tomlin and producer Ed Cash. Anderson’s version seems a little more spacious, the lyrics allowed a little more room to hit home but the lyric is nonetheless just as powerful, hitting home with the praise of the Father.

And to close, Anderson saves his most creative for last. Perhaps inspired by the work of celebrated acappella groups like Pentatonix and more, Anderson dips his own hand into the pool and comes out with “Sweet Salvation.” Fun, playful, and certainly compelling, the track offers up a street corner vibe to Anderson’s vocals, showcasing not only his range and talent but his creativity, ending on a high note.

And high notes seem to be the way of Anderson’s career with this next step. Already a celebrated songwriter and artist, Anderson’s new home at Centricity seems perfectly tailored toward allowing him to pursue his creativity, bringing his signature spin of worship and praise together with plenty of creative tones. This one will definitely wet listener’s whistles and have you itching to get a hold of the full-length record when Anderson comes to a town near you.

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