Review: Seth Condrey – Keeps on Changing

Seth Condrey - Keeps on ChangingNorth Point Community Church’s Seth Condrey will fit right into the current world of radio friendly artists rolling down the airwaves these days. Best known for his Spanish-language work, even garnering a 2008 GMA Dove Award for Spanish Language Album of the Year for De Corazon a Corazon, Condrey now turns his talents toward the English language with Keeps on Changing, a record that aims to highlight the ups and downs of not only his life of faith but that of every believer.

Calling the album the “story of my life,” Condrey shares, “It is also the story of many of our lives … God continues to take the messes we make and change us … into something more beautiful, more eternal. These songs represent my journey of trust in the person of Jesus —fully and wholly—and how that trust keeps changing me, making me the father and husband that I need to be.”

To achieve that end, Condrey enlisted the aid of Phillip LaRue to serve as producer and joined forces with an elite group of co-writers to pen the tracks for this album. Among those writers were men like Ed Cash, Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey, who also offers up vocals on “Love Like Fire,” LaRue, and Seth Moseley. But through it all, it’s the heartbeat of the artist that rings loudest.

Condrey’s worship leader chops are felt early on with the rousing pop-rock flavors of “Speechless,” the vertical lyrics simple but accessible while “The Answer” is another congregation-ready tune, the acoustic backing providing a gentle, warm backdrop as the artist pleads, “Come, Lord Jesus, come/Like the rising sun/Come let every heart/Sing of Your great love.” However, it’s “God of the Impossible” that may be the most congregation and conference ready, a chunky guitar riff setting the tone, supported by some pounding percussion as the song emerges into an energetic and singable chorus that just begs for a crowd.

“Love Like Fire” is a song that fits both the needs of radio and the Sunday morning service, a pop flavored arrangement that builds and soars while featuring Mike Donehey on guest vocals while “Can’t Outrun Your Love” is a slick, Mathew West feeling jam that finds the artist finding solace through troubles in the comfort of Christ. That’s followed by two of the record’s stronger tracks in “Oh, Radiant!,” which delivers a nuanced appeal fronted by some gentle piano and emotive strings which eventually builds to a rising chorus, and the title track, which showcases the artist’s soulful voice and a nice percussive build. The rest of the album is fleshed out with a mix of more predictable tunes such as “You Love My Soul,” with another slow-build template and the mid-tempo “Help Me.”

Seth Condrey’s Keeps on Changing doesn’t rock the boat of the music world too forcefully but it does offer a solid slate of honest and heartfelt worship songs. He’s a talented musician, a solid vocalist, and a pretty good songwriter to boot; as he continues developing and growing, his music will only get that much better. If you’re a fan of contemporary worship artists like Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, and the like, be sure to check this one out.

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