And We’re Back…

“If the calling we believe in is to be salt and light, then that should be loud and clear in the artistry Christians produce. We believe that should be the same for a media outlet as well.

Introducing Soul-Audio: where excellent design meets intelligent content in a format intended to draw an audience and keep it with the same pursuit of quality we expect from the artists and musicians we cover.”

Several years ago, those words launched the concept and set the standard that we here at Soul-Audio determined to hold ourselves to, as well as the music we loved. And, for some time, we experienced a lot of good times and success, featuring a number of musicians and artists and reviewing tons of albums with sincere honesty, seeking to find the best art from artists of faith and beyond. Along the way we encountered both good and bad, always remembering the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and subjective to personal experience, but were constantly on the lookout for the best and the brightest on the horizon.

It was a good run but that season was forced to come to an end as other priorities like finances, family, and life changes came into sharper focus. So, without much fanfare, our little labor of love came to a close, eventually disappearing into the virtual sunset.

Fast forward to about a year ago as my son, then ten years old, began to show an interest in my music collection. He took to scouring my iTunes queue and rocking out to a plethora of artists, both faith-based and non, and began asking questions, the light and excitement for this music starting to remind me of my love for this music as well. And while I hadn’t ever fallen out of love with music (for a life without music is sad, indeed), but the relentless nature of the business of music and of listening without being allowed to enjoy first, had taken its toll on me.

But seeing that joy in my son’s eyes reinvigorated me and I started to think about restoring Soul-Audio to even part of its former “glory.” Please know that this is a labor of love at this point (although we’d always welcome any contributions that would then just make it real labor!) and, as of this writing, it’s a solo labor at that. I do hope to one day assemble a team even half as faithful as that which we were blessed before but, until that day, this is a humble site manned by a guy with a passion for music, who’s run the gamut from Michael W. Smith to Guns ‘n’ Roses, from Crowder to Braille and everything in between and beyond. I’ve learned to see God not just within the boxes of the world of CCM but within the refrains of mainstream artists, film, and literature.

And with this new iteration of Soul-Audio, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to showcases those artists who are making great art. Along the way, we’ll no doubt encounter the good, the bad, and the mediocre, and will for sure disagree at points about all three but I’m hoping that this can become a place where positive dialogue can occur, great music can be highlighted, and maybe, just maybe, we can be a force for good.

And along the way, I’m hoping that maybe we’ll have some fun too. Stay tuned for more and, in the meantime, please pardon our dust!  🙂

[Incidentally, if you’re reading this and are in the least interested in joining the team (aka, me) and writing for Soul-Audio, earning tons of thank you emails from yours truly and having the chance to hear and review music before much of the world and add to your portfolio and byline, please send an email with “Writing for Soul-Audio” in the subject line to and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!]








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  1. Coolwaltluv says:

    The line about you seeing GOD beyond CCM just opened the door to enlightenment. The message is all around to those who of us that can tune in past the static. Inspiration is all around. Spirit in Action. I look forward to following this site and your works to follow. Glad to see your back!

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